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München, DE – Sofija, BG

Distance: 1327 km (1154 on motorways)

Time: 14 h 38 (11h 30 on motorways)

Estimated costs: 224.51 € with a petrol vehicle (Toll 39.52 € | Petrol 151.69 € | Road tax 33.3 €)


Frankfurt am Main, DE – Sofija, BG

Distance: 1673 km (1487 km on motorways)

Time: 17h41 (14h23 on motorways)

Estimated costs: 257.32 € with a Petrol vehicle (Toll 35.82 € | Petrol 188.2 € | Road tax 33.3 €)


Wien, AU – Sofija, BG

Distance: 992 km (706 km on motorways)

Time: 11h37 (6h55 on motorways)

Estimated costs: 136.48 € with a Petrol vehicle (Toll 0.00 € | Petrol 107.59 € | Road tax 28.89 €)


Innsbruck, AU – Sofija, BG

Distance: 1297 km (960 km on motorways)

Time: 15h18 (9h34 on motorways)

Estimated costs: 220.02 € with a Petrol vehicle (Toll 39.93 € | Petrol 146.79 €  | Road tax33.3 €)


Milano, IT – Sofija, BG

Distance: 1410 km (1230 km on motorways)

Time: 15h32 (12h08 on motorways)

Estimated costs: 232.52 € with a Petrol vehicle (Toll 47.43 € | Petrol 160.09 €  | Road tax 25 €)



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How to reach us

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Great guides, great motorbikes, great landscapes an trails, everything was perfect!

Didier from Germany


We lived a great Enduro Holiday – already our second experience in Bulgaria. Driving through its wilderness, mountains and open plains gave us a memorable impression – so we came back. We drove over mule tracks, through canyons, crossed small rivers and went up to 2600 m high and all this on paths that suits to the possibilities and ability of everyone, from the easy paths to the most demanding ones. SportCamps supplied us great bikes and took care of everything – we just had to ride and enjoy …. worry free vacation!

Jurgen from Germany


Fun, Fun, Fun!

Lutz from Germany







Alex, UK

The perfect combination – Enduro and snowboard in one day! Crazy J


Axel, Germany

I really love it, so far riding in Bulgaria for 7th time and each and every of them is a pure satisfaction. Challenging single tracks, extreme parts and beautiful views – exactly my place.


Bjorn, Norway

I was for the first time in Bulgaria and I am absolutely impressed – by the nature, by the trails, by the organization…It was everything perfect. I would recommend Sport Camps tours to absolutely everybody.

Daniel, Switzerland

I’ve challenged myself totally, learned a lot of new things, improved my riding skills; Bogomil is a great guide and instructor.

Josh, Australia

From Australia to Bulgaria – it was a long way but worth it on 100%. I’m happy. I would come back again for sureJ, and bring my friends with me.

Juan, Spain

Very good riding, only off the road, technical parts and single tracks, I especially enjoyed the riding in the woods, it was so green. Also my wife was happy relaxing in the hotel, swimming in the pool and enjoying the local dishes.

Stefi, Switzerland

We are a group of friends riding with Sport Camps for 5th year. We’ve tried different tours in Bulgaria also several in Greece – both amazing and absolutely diverse. It is our tradition – we keep exploring the best places for riding with Bogomil each year.